The key element having influence on quality and efficiency of HDLab services is well-fitted to this target technical background. As one of a few companies in Poland HDLab possess its own, well-equipped data recovery laboratory.

The heart of this laboratory is professional windowless room furnished with the system of professional filters and technical floor. Such construction provides the optimal conditions for performing operations on open data carriers (especially hard disks).

The sterile conditions are provided by HEPA filter, which removes 99,97% of molecules over 0,3 microns. The works on open carriers are performed in the clean bench with absolute HEPA filters, which removes 99,999% of molecules over 0,3 microns. Such conditions guarantee Class 100 cleanliness standard.


The professional, world-class equipment in the clean room, enable us to perform even the most complex operations on the open data carriers. Professional software plays the major role in data recovery process. Our experts worked out numerous applications that accelerate and improve data recovery process. These tools are being continuously updated depending on the individual cases and customers' requirements.

One of the most important factors of our successes is professional, well-experienced laboratory staff, which is continuously trained. Thanks to the cooperation with world leading laboratories our employees have a rare opportunity to exchange their experience and provide exceptional quality service to our customers.