In the case of data loss, please follow the procedure below.

Contact us

After we collect basic data about the problem, we will provide you with the free consultation about the possibility of your data recovery.


Before we start data recovery procedure we will ask you to fill out our application form, which will help us to undertake the proper action.


The damaged data carrier together with filled out application form should be delivered to our seat personally or via courrier.

Important details

The delivery of data carrier to our office we understand as your approval for all the conditions described in regulations included in the application form.

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After receiving the damaged data carrier we start our analysis immediately. We will inform You about the results of the analysis as soon as it is possible. Then You have to decide about continuing the data recovery process.


After data recovery procedure is completed the recovered data are recorded on the chosen data carrier (hard disk, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM) and are delivered to your seat via fright carrier.